What's this crazy shit he's talking???

Well I'm not entirely sure what I will be doing with this blog, I want to welcome you to Displaced Weirdo, This blog will dip into my mind, it will visit my innermost thoughts, it will show interesting finds online, and whatever the hell else I decide to post..

Posts may be erratic, or few and far between at first as I develop my blogging legs. If you can't deal with that go screw yourself, but don't bitch to me.

Anyhow, have fun.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Model of the day

Each day I will be looking for a model on modelmayhem.com who has that certain WOW reaction, either in a single image, or the whole portfolio. I'll be linking to them here. Up and coming models deserve our love too. (Be warned what I find to be fucking awesome may not mix with your anorexic stick figure Barbie preference)

I have my first lucky winner to be featured on this ground breaking blog. (Yes I do call bullshit on myself)

Today we have Faye Williams, from Doncaster, Yorkshire

Daily T&A

I don't know who this is, but she's fucking gorgeous...
More at Veronicka-Zemanova.com


Yes I like Harry Potter, If you can't deal with that suck my dick, this shit's actually pretty awesome.

Girls I'd like to Bang

I don't know a whole lot about Kim Kardashian, From what I hae seen she has an awesome rack, A well kept kitty, and an ass that won't quit. She may be a rich bitch, or a stuck up whore, but that is merely speculation. I've never met the girl and she could be sweet as sugar, but shit.. I ain't posting "Girls I'd like to marry" This is the girls I want to bang. Here she is at some McFatty event. I don't care what it's for, I'm dieting and I've never felt better. "We Love To See You Smile" Sure you do from our (double wide) casket, as they forklift us to the mass grave of coronary victims.

Well I digress, Send me Kim or someone that looks just like her NOW. Until then I'll continue to handle my business whith her picture.

I'm Embarased To Be American!!!

I get equal rights, I can even understand a little political correctness. What I don't understand is how America can complain to the UK and have them drop a commercial. Apparently Snickers ran this ad only in England. It was a series of Snickers ads featuring Mr T.

(Per The Superficial)
The Human Rights Campaign surprisingly interpreted this as "homophobic" instead of "totally fucking awesome." Mars, the maker of Snickers, caved, but not before basically insulting America's lack of a sense of a humor. The Daily Mail reports:

Well I think this is total bullshit. so I bring you the ad, (That is until some asshole makes You Tube dump it as well).

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End of day one

Well comments will be appreciated and quickly ignored, if you have any questions or complaints keep them to yourself. Any ideas on how i can improve this blog or ideas for posts, I'll probably read them and insult publicly the shitty ideas. I may however use the good ones so send them either way.

Daily T&A

Don't know who's picture this is, or where I found it.. (If it belongs to you let me know and I'll be happy to remove) I think this girl is totally hot, I cream my fruit of the looms whenever I see it.

My Own Shit Presents::: Tran.Pons

Displaced Weirdo would like to present a new product for certain individuals who would wish to keep their birth gender a secret.. Tran.Pons, TM. Have you ever wondered if your man has found out your little secret? Is your 5'o clock shadow growing faster than his? Well now you can put all his worries to rest. Our patented process eliminates the need for artificial fluid capsules, or costly Ebay bills for used hygiene products.

Each Tran.Pon, TM. has a built in chamber containing a body heat activated capsule. Once melted it releases a realistically colored, scented, and tasting artificial menstrual fluid which will fool even the most sophisticated pallets. There's no need to lie when he doesn't ask for the truth..

Disclaimer:: Not intended for Pre-op individuals, This product will not hide the fact you have a penis.

Girls I'd like to bang:: Episode 1

As if it isn't quite obvious, Lindsay has to be my first choice.. Lesbianism, Possible diseases, and Addictions aside I think I'd be crazy not to top my list with her, she has everything I could want in a fantasy bang. She has a rocking body, She's a natural redhead, and she's apparently easy. So why not...

What's with the fucking URL???

I used to have another blog.... RIGHT HERE.. Any more stupid questions???