What's this crazy shit he's talking???

Well I'm not entirely sure what I will be doing with this blog, I want to welcome you to Displaced Weirdo, This blog will dip into my mind, it will visit my innermost thoughts, it will show interesting finds online, and whatever the hell else I decide to post..

Posts may be erratic, or few and far between at first as I develop my blogging legs. If you can't deal with that go screw yourself, but don't bitch to me.

Anyhow, have fun.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Girls I'd like to Bang

I don't know a whole lot about Kim Kardashian, From what I hae seen she has an awesome rack, A well kept kitty, and an ass that won't quit. She may be a rich bitch, or a stuck up whore, but that is merely speculation. I've never met the girl and she could be sweet as sugar, but shit.. I ain't posting "Girls I'd like to marry" This is the girls I want to bang. Here she is at some McFatty event. I don't care what it's for, I'm dieting and I've never felt better. "We Love To See You Smile" Sure you do from our (double wide) casket, as they forklift us to the mass grave of coronary victims.

Well I digress, Send me Kim or someone that looks just like her NOW. Until then I'll continue to handle my business whith her picture.

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